Product Specifications

Vibramech (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned South African Company specialising in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of vibrating equipment.

In the thirty years of its operation, Vibramech has developed a comprehensive range of Multislope (or Banana) Screens, Horizontal and Inclined Screens, Dewatering Screens, Grizzly Feeders, Pan Feeders, Tubular Feeders and Grease Tables, which are operating worldwide.

Vibramech’s flexible and practical approach to screen design enables the client to optimize the vibrating equipment geometry to suit their specific requirements, resulting in a tailor-made  piece of equipment.

This combined with the extreme reliability of Vibramech equipment has placed Vibramech as a world leader in vibrating equipment.

Equipment Range

The tried and tested range of equipment that has proven to be reliable and cost effective worldwide includes:

  • Multislope (Banana) Screens: Screens ranging from 1.5 m to 4.2 m wide have been supplied with lengths ranging from 4.8 m to 10.0 m. These screens are available in decks ranging from two to six slopes, with single and double deck options available.
  • Horizontal or Inclined Screens: Screens ranging 0.3 m wide x 0.9 m long (model H1-09-03) to 3.6 m wide x 6.1 m long (model H1-61-36) have been supplied, with single or double deck options available.
  • Dewatering (DeGrit) Screens: Designed to remove water from material, screens ranging up to 3.0 m wide x 6.1 m long have been supplied.
  • Grizzly feeders: Well known for the range of heavy duty grizzly feeders, units ranging from 0.6 m wide to 3.0 m wide are available. Scalping is achieved with the use of either stepped cast manganese grizzly bars or wear resistant fabricated grizzly bar cassettes.
  • Pan Feeders: A range of standard and heavy duty feeders are available ranging from 0.2 m wide to 3.0 m wide, in both low and high sided configurations. A wide range of liners options is available which are applied from both experience and/or client requests. Liners such as wear resistant steel, ceramic, polyurethane, rubber etc are available upon request in various thicknesses.
  • Tube Feeders: Tube feeders ranging from 0.7 m to 8.0 m long are available in various round or square tube configurations, with the option of numerous linings.

Manufacturing and Production

All aspects of the manufacturing process are conducted at Vibramech’s factory. From the instant that detailed drawings are submitted to be manufactured, Vibramech has complete control over the manufacturing process, with no sub-contractor being used at any stage of the manufacturing process.

All equipment is designed to meet specific customer requirements regarding performance and physical dimensions. The equipment is thus tailored to plant requirements instead of visa versa facilitating plant design, fabrication and erection.

Vibramech has invested in a sophisticated development system. Finite element analysis, strain gauge measurements, and dynamic assessment (both at our premises and on-site) is carried out to improve designs.  Design stresses and natural frequencies can be both predicted and, most importantly, confirmed in-house to provide invaluable information regarding the operational conditions of the equipment.

  •  The side liners, fabricated in abrasion-resistant steel will be a minimum of 200mm high.
  • All fabrications are thermally stress-relieved after welding by Harchris Heat Treatment and the process is fully certificated.
  • The maximum allowable design stress range is in line with accepted fatigue codes.
  • Spray pipes are fitted to form part of the vibrating screen (not static) on screens up to 2.7 m in width.
  • Vibration absorbing sub-frames can be supplied that reduce the transmitted loading on support steelwork by approximately 75% of that transmitted from a stand-alone screen.

Equipment Drives

Whilst the lighter range (equipment less that 7000 kg) of Vibramech equipment is only offered using vibrator motor drives, the larger / heavier range of equipment can be driven using either vibrator motors or Siebtechnik geared exciters. Geared exciters are practically preferred on screens / equipment with a vibrating mass exceeding 20000 kg, due the larger required excitation force.

Both drive options are equally well proven worldwide in the mining field and Vibramech has supplied extensive quantities of equipment using either vibrator motors or geared exciters as a driving mechanism.

Vibramech pioneered the use of vibratory motors on large screens, affording the end-user the following advantages:

  •  There is no need for bi-lateral drive handing, motor supports, jack-shafts and drive coupling systems.
  • The maintenance costs of these drive items are also eliminated.  We are frequently approached by end users to investigate the retro-fitting of vibratory motors on machines previously powered by the “conventional” systems.
  • There is no penalty in bearing life compared to gear-timed vibrator units. Bearings normally exceed 40 000 hours in service.
  • The eccentric weights are easily adjustable to provide stepless increments in output from 0 – 100 %.
  • Wasted space between machines in a multi-machine installation is minimised, as external motor systems are no longer required.
  • In the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown, only the affected vibratory motor needs to be replaced, which will take less than one hour. No time consuming lining-up of drive components nor special tools are required.
  • Each motor is fitted with guards which enclose the rotating weights. These guards are securely bolted in position without affecting access to the motor grease nipples, but are easily removable to facilitate altering the centrifugal force output of the motor.

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